Sypris Ultra® Axle Shaft

Evolution through design and experience

Sypris Ultra® Axle Shaft

Sypris is proud to offer product design, as shown here in the Sypris Ultra Axle Shaft for heavy truck application. With nearly every element redesigned, Sypris has succeeded in providing a better approach to axle shaft design and production.

  • Increased durability
  • Improved, predictable performance
  • Significant weight savings
  • No cost increase over conventional axle shafts
  • Interchangeable interface with current products

How has Sypris accomplished these improvements?

  • Unique steel specifically designed to meet Sypris standards and requirements
  • Improved durability allows for reduced steel
  • Exacting forge methods translate to less waste
  • Highly engineered weight saving features that redirect stress
  • Stable process and manufacturing methods perfected and industrialized

In full support of heavy truck applications since 2016, the Sypris Ultra is an industry-leading product in Quality, Performance, and Cost. Because of its interchangeability, replacing older technology is seamless, as Ultra interfaces completely with current mating components. Flexibility in design also allows you, the customer to select levels of Ultra features and steel material best suited to solve your ever-increasing challenges for performance and savings.

Can Sypris help you with an axle shaft solution? Can Sypris help you with other forged and machined products? Allow our team of experts to create an “Ultra” solution for you.

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