About Sypris Technologies

Sypris Technologies is a premier manufacturer and supplier of drivetrain and other critical components for the commercial vehicle, automotive, recreational vehicle, mining, agriculture, industrial, and energy markets. Sypris is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. With facilities located throughout North America, Sypris continues to meet the needs of the industry after more than 80 years of service.

Sypris focuses on those markets where we have the expertise, qualifications and leadership position to sustain a competitive advantage. We target our resources to support the needs of the industry leaders that embrace multi-year contractual relationships as a strategic component of their supply chain management. These contracts, many of which are sole–source, enable us to invest in leading edge technologies to help our customers remain competitive. The productivity, flexibility and economies of scale that result become an important means for differentiating ourselves from the competition when it comes to cost, quality, reliability and customer service.


To exceed our customers’ expectations for quality, delivery, cost and service to build lasting business partnerships.


To become the preeminent supplier of high value-add forged, machined and assembled products for customers in the transportation, energy and industrial markets.


Sypris approaches its relationships with its customers as a partnership. Sypris Technologies typically produces its products under multi-year, sole-source contracts to large original equipment manufacturers and tier one suppliers. This arrangement provides Sypris with the opportunity to invest in the latest technology and equipment and results in world class products for our customers.

We recognize that the quality of our people represents our single most important asset and that these assets are focused on developing close relationships where the customer is of absolute importance. We invest in and support our people with educational programs, profit-sharing plans and equity participation programs throughout the entire organization.


We believe that our willingness to invest in leading edge technologies and capabilities serves as an important means for differentiating ourselves from others when it comes to cost, quality, reliability, flexibility and customer service.


Frequent and timely communication is absolutely essential to the maintenance of a productive long-term partnership. Our senior management team plays an active and integral part of our relationships with customers.