Quality products, built to customer specifications

  • Axle Shafts

    Sypris Technologies is a leading supplier of forged and machined axle shafts serving the commercial vehicle, off highway and farm equipment industries. Sypris maintains the largest collection of forging equipment and machining cells in North America dedicated to producing a wide variety of axle shaft configurations according to customer requirements.

    Utilizing the latest forging robotic technology coupled with CNC controlled machining and induction hardening equipment, Sypris delivers safe and reliable products to its customers, and is proud to have over six million axle shafts in the field today.

    Forging -process
    Forged -axles
  • Forgings

    Sypris provides precision forgings to a variety of users in the automotive, truck, off highway, farm equipment, mining and energy markets. Typical products include side gears, pinion gears, helical gears and transmission shafts. Sypris provides a full range of sizes and material grades and works with its customers to design the most cost effective forging for their application, including the elimination of post forge heat treatment.

  • Trailer Beams

    Serving as the central part of the axle assembly for heavy duty truck trailers, Sypris is the largest supplier of formed and machined beams in North America. Seamless and welded tube is cut to length, formed, machined, and induction hardened to customer specifications. The process uses very specialized equipment in multiple manufacturing lines to produce a variety of spindle configurations and part lengths for customer applications.

    • Largest trailer beam capacity in N.A. (34,000 per month)
    • One piece beam, light, extruded spindle construction
    • Tube heat treat line
    Heat treat line
    Trailer Beam
  • Knuckles

    Sypris Technologies is a premier supplier of machined knuckles for the Class 8 commercial vehicle market in North America. By using very flexible, reliable and high precision CNC machining equipment, Sypris is able to manufacture a wide range of complex parts for axles ranging from 12,000 to 14,000 lbs. of capacity. The use of a robust quality system, error-proofing methods and "lean" manufacturing techniques ensure that our customers receive the best quality products all the time

  • I-Beams

    With a product line ranging from 8,000 lbs. to 16,000 lbs. capacity, Sypris possesses the widest offering of machined, ready to use I-Beams in the world. Our premiere location close to our customers in North America and our integrated process, including the forging and the use of CNC equipment to perform a very flexible, high precision machining, allow Sypris to meet our customer's demand more effectively than other sources overseas.

    I -beams
    I -beams2
  • Carriers, Differential Cases, Hubs, Flanges & King Pins

    Sypris machines a wide variety of drive train components for commercial vehicle markets. These products are machined in accordance with our customer specifications utilizing the latest processes and CNC equipment available in the market. Sypris employs unique manufacturing methods focused on lean concepts, eliminating waste and meeting precise tolerances.


    Carrier Assembly houses the components that transfer power from the motor to the drive wheels.

    Carrier Equipment


    • 12 Mori Seiki MV-55
    • 11 Mori Seiki MH-500
    • 1 Toyoda Machining Center
    Diff Case

    Diff Cases transfer power from the drive shaft to the wheel.

    Diff Case Equipment


    • 1 Okuma Howa Machining Center
    • 20 Mori Seiki Lathes
    • 11 Mori Seiki MV-55
    • 11 Half Hole Boring Machines
    Tie Rod

    Steering arms are located on the front axle to steer vehicle.

    Tie Rods connect both steering knuckles together.

    Tie Rod Equipment


    • 5 Mori Seiki Lathe
    • 5 Mori Seiki MV-55
    • 1 Tocco Heat Treat
    • 2 Magna-Glo

    Hubs & Flanges


    • 4 Mori Seiki Lathe
    • 2 Mori Seiki Vertical Machining Centers
  • Full Float Tubes

    Sypris manufactures full float tube assemblies for axles in light duty truck markets.

    Utilizing high quality tubing, Sypris cuts the tubing to length, friction welds the spindle, machines, and induction hardens the assembly to meet customer specifications. Sypris employs robotic welders to add components such as spring pads and shock brackets to produce the final assembly.

    Float Tube
    Full FloatTube Assembly

    Tube assembly is pressed into the carrier housing.

    Axle shaft will slide into tube assembly with the wheel hub mounted to the end of the tube assembly.

    Definition of Full Float Versus Semi-Float

    On a Full Float Tube assembly, the hub rides on the OD bearing surface.

    On a Semi Float Tube assembly, the axle will ride on the ID bearing of the semi float tube assembly.

    Float Tube Equipment
    • 19 Lathes
    • 16 Drilling Operations
    • 15 Dedicated Welders
    • 8 Robotic Welders
    • 8 Grinding Machine
    • 8 Face and Center
    • 7 Heat Treat
    • 4 Clip Welders
    Off Highway
    Off Highway

    Tube assemblies produced for off highway are used in the same application as full float tube assemblies except for off highway usage.


    • 1 Mori Seiki Drill
    • 1 Mori Seiki Machining Center
    • 2 CNC lathes
    • 2 Welders
    • 1 Grinder