Sypris Ultra® Axle Shaft

Sypris is proud to offer product design, as shown here in the Sypris Ultra Axle Shaft for heavy truck application. With nearly every element redesigned, Sypris has succeeded in providing a better approach to axle shaft design and production.


Sypris Technologies supplies customer-designed products to exacting standards. Typically under long-term, single source agreements; forged, machined, heat treated components are supplied in Tier One and Tier Two positions to the OEM.

Sypris Technologies currently serves Automotive and Truck, Off-Road and Recreational, Industrial, and Energy markets in the following product groupings.

Automotive / Truck

  • Front Axle Steering Components
  • Rear Drive Axle Products
  • Input and Output Shafts
  • Transmission Components


  • Pressure Capacity Valve Bodies

Energy and Pressure Applications (OEM)

  • Tank Heads
  • Complete Closure Assemblies
  • Insulated Joints

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