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Understanding the current and future needs of our markets and our customers. Solving problems, creating value, and discovering opportunities others miss. This is the foundation of the Sypris Development center.

The Sypris Development Center (SDC), formed to fill a gap in our industry. Operating from our largest manufacturing facility in Toluca, Mexico, the SDC pulls knowledge from years of manufacturing experience. Led by some of the most experienced minds in the industry, and powered by fresh, talented engineers, the SDC drives ever forward to provide improvements and solutions. Unrestricted by industry paradigms, the SDC works for improvements in the areas of Equipment, Tooling, Product and Process Design.

Capabilities in Research and Development

  • Virtual development of forging, machining, induction hardening. Virtual engineering using AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks, Deform, FEA, and other tools as needed.
  • Rapid prototyping using 3D printing reduced 3D printing formatting, manufacturing actual prototype products in reduced time.
  • Complete process optimization and development of advanced manufacturing methodologies.

Key partnerships and relationships

  • Commercial agility. Providing customers quick and attentive responses to requests for quotations. Adding innovations in product and process designs as appropriate. Sensitivity to challenges in cost and market conditions.
  • Understanding the needs of manufacturing for efficiency and reliability, presenting robust solutions for both Sypris manufacturing and customer satisfaction.
  • Collaborating with program managers, the SDC employs Sypris Safe Launch; a complete program management guide to optimize the program from RFQ through SOP.

The Sypris Development Center offers a unique opportunity to reinvent mature products and processes. Opportunities can hide in plain sight. Let Sypris and the SDC uncover improvements and solutions for you. Contact Sypris to see how the SDC can help with your project.

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