Continuous Improvement

“Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” ~Vince Lombardi

Sypris Enterprise System

Sypris Enterprise System (SES) is the Lean Manufacturing system deployed throughout all Sypris facilities. Its focus is servicing our customers with ever-increasing innovation and value.

Facilities managers and their respective staffs champion Sypris Enterprise System initiatives and our journey toward excellence. Steering committees from all levels and specialties keep the focus on improving overall performance through increased throughput, improved quality and reduced waste (or non-value activities and costs). Team activities are cross-functional and represent the full spectrum of working knowledge from the shop floor to facility management.

When performing improvement training, inside or outside expert resources use various formats ranging from formal classroom to job shadowing aimed at eliminating waste and delivering results. Various tools are applied to reinforce understanding and ownership.

Each facility has Continuous Improvement (CI) leaders to coordinate and facilitate all groups directly or indirectly for on-site projects identified through steering committees.

Continuous Improvement does not stop at our own four walls. Identifying exemplary examples within Sypris or outside our specific industry is a key ingredient of success. Through a formal benchmarking initiative, differences are studied; applicable systems and methodologies harvested and woven into the SES.

Continuous improvement and the Sypris Enterprise System work hand in hand to enhance our performance and deliver more value to our customers.

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