Continual Improvement

Sypris Enterprise System

Sypris Enterprise System is the name of the Lean Manufacturing system that is deployed throughout all Sypris facilities with the main focus being servicing our customers with every increasing innovation that delivers value.

All Sypris Enterprise System activities are directed and championed by facilities managers and their respective staffs through steering committees made up of leadership who keep the focus on improving overall performance through increased throughput, inventory flow / reduction and the reduction in overall manufacturing costs.

All Team activities are cross-functional in nature and represent the full spectrum of working knowledge from the shop floor to facility management. All potential projects are chosen by Steering Committees who select teams for implementation.

All training is performed by either outside or inside resources in various formats ranging from formal classes to on the job training when needed while working to eliminate waste and delivering results. Various tools are taught and used when needed to reinforce understanding and application.

All facilities have Continual Improvement (CI) managers whose charge is to coordinate and facilitate all groups directly or indirectly for all facility projects identified through the steering committees. All CI leaders are direct reports to the facility managers and are active in planning and execution of all CI type projects.

Continual Improvement is also sought by identifying exemplary examples outside our specific industry through benchmarking their Improvement systems and/ or attending workshops to continually broaden our understanding.

A Sensei / coach is also used to aid the Continual Improvement journey within all Sypris facilities and is knowledgeable in the use and application of all tools including Black belt and Green belt tools.

Continual improvement has benefited customers in many ways through collaborative efforts to reduce cost while improving product performance.

Meeting Expectations